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Equestrian Surfaces


If you want to prepare your arena surface for some great exciting competitions, then you don’t need to waste your time in the selection of top-class equestrian surfaces. Maple EQ is proudly leading in the market with wide range of horse-riding surfaces. We are offering bespoke services too as per your requirements which would be comfortable enough for your horse to ride and exercise. Our experts are having the ability to mould you rough suggestions into the ideal arena.

We are making your life easier by giving you brief guide about possible available surfaces which will let you know the key points of that particular field. So it wouldn’t be hard for you to choose best one for your horses. Let’s have a look

  • Waxed Menage surfaces:

Such surface is coated with the blend of sand mixed and synthetic fibres which have a capacity of blindness in more efficient manner. Minimal maintenance is required than unwaxed places.


    • Ideal for all kind of temperature conditions
    • Easy to maintain
    • Ensure High performance
    • Greatest Durability
    • Offering safe surface in all kind of weather conditions

Aspects to think of:

    • High cost due to its magnificent performance
    • Surface durability is conditional on coating quality
    • Regular Maintenance is required
    • Using wax blends, gels and oil type of layers may increase cost
  • Sand-based Menage surfaces:

Such type of surfaces are purely made up of sand, but synthetic fibres and PVC type ingredients are used for topping purposes. Mixtures of grains with sand are extensively being used nowadays.


    • Fibre strengthens root structure and improves moisture preservation
    • The optimal, affordable solution for maximum yearly use.

Aspects to think of:

    • Regular maintenance required
    • Such places are affected by moisture and minimal maintenance levels
    • Only sand can’t provide you with all-weather surface
    • Unwaxed surface need watering for ideal performance
  • Wood-chip Menage surfaces:

These surfaces are a piece of wood a kind of remain from lumber process or recycled products. These are containing smaller particles. It needs to be in equal in sizes because variation in its size wouldn’t settle and in the case of small enough may blow with the wind.


    • Eco-friendly if no chemicals or colouring effects are used
    • Overall capital cost is minimum
    • Ideal option for indoor and outdoor arenas

Aspects to think of:

    • Least durable and having minimum life span
    • Require regular watering
    • Become waterlogged if drainage situation is  not appropriate

Huge variety of Equestrian surfaces is readily available through our platform at economical prices. Excellent firm ride in all kind of riding surfaces can be possible for you. We are taking care of each aspect of installation to drainage in an efficient manner. Our well-trained experts are working on customer’s requirements to deliver ideal arena for the exceptional performance of horses.

You can review our client testimonial section. Our customer satisfaction is our foremost priority. Our team is determined to maintain their high standards should be reflected all the way in their work through every angle. We are successfully expanding our circle of achievements through the remarkable trust of our customers over the ten years.

For further detail, you can visit our website www.arenaconstruction.co.uk  and contact us at 0870 877 6068 for having our services.

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