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Gabion Baskets

These versatile units provide a flexible and attractive solution to a variety engineering issues, in particular retaining walls.

The fabricated, galvanised wire baskets can be filled with stone, and fair faced over a more cost effective infill, a mix of top soil allows for vegetation to occur, filling the voids to reinforce the structure.

An advantage to Gabions is their modularity, allowing retention to occur through stacking in tiers which step back with the contours rather than vertically, utilising space and retaining aesthetics.

A Hesco Concertainer option is also available and the wire meshed joined with vertical, helical joints is lined with a heavy duty non woven polypropylene geotextile, allowing for the baskets to be filled with site won material, reducing muck away costs. These flat pack delivered units are easily extended and joined on site at minimal labour and time costs.

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