Lunge Pens

Lunge Areas

A lunge area is a valuable addition to any yard or property, providing a facility to exercise and work your horses and an essential area when breaking. The sturdy nature and quality workmanship on our lunge pens ensures a construction which will stand up to the increased workloads naturally endured in heavy exercise of this nature.

Our complete package ensures quality throughout by using Monarch Equestrians trusted pens. These heavy duty, hot dipped galvanised steel work pens are rubber lined for extra protection and provide a secure and safe area for exercise.

Designed to be permanent, the pens are securely fitted to our shuttered concrete ring beam and to a feathered edge finish with an internal base of free draining stone, capped with a blinding layer to separate the `High Fibred Combi-Ride Lunging Surface’ that will be supplied delivered and installed as completion.

Round pens are available in the following sizes:

45 ft 0 inches 13.72 meters
54 ft 0inches 16.46 meters
66 ft 0 inches 20.12 meters

The 50p Pen

A more versatile design in terms of size requirements is our `50p Pen’ – not in cost but shape! Taking our standard arena construction details and adding 2400mm high posts, a blinding layer and angled corners to aid the circular feel of the space, whilst allowing a more versatile area in which to turnout or school.

The pens can be of any size but would recommend 15m x 15m as a minimum size for lunge work, the design also suits join up pens as used in natural horsemanship.


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